Short Film: A Thousand Words

New short film! The Block One Studios and Stembridge Mill logos are together for the first time in quite a while! (To watch bigger, follow the link after the video embed)

A boy wants to write a letter to his dad, but can’t figure out what to say…

A Thousand Words from Block One Studios on Vimeo.

While in South Carolina after Thanksgiving last month, Geno DiMaria and I decided to make a short film. Here’s how it happened.

Monday was Dominic’s day off from the Apple Store, so he and Geno and I headed to downtown Charleston to walk around. We went to a little coffee shop called Kudu and brainstormed together on a couple short films. The first of these ideas was about a boy who couldn’t find words to write in a letter, so he draws a picture instead. Our inspiration? Geno’s brother John has been really getting into drawing lately (he’s got an eye for it, too).

The next day, we shot. It took probably 3 or 4 hours total (I think), and was a really fun collaborative effort between us. He had been wanting to use some lights he’d gotten a while back, experimenting with using colored tissue paper in lieu of gels. My 750W Lowel Tota was our sun outside the window. We swapped off slider work, holding tripods steady, ideas for shots. It really was a journey of creativity, too — we didn’t have a written script per se, but knew how we wanted the story to begin, progress, and end. Similarly, post-production was fairly collaborative — even though I did the editing, Geno and I kept a flurry of emails going as I uploaded rough cuts and he gave feedback on them.

And that’s how it happened. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. !!!!!!!

    Love it!!!!

    Love that “MY BROS” (at least a few of them) got back together to film.

    Love the “how it happened”.

    Love the music, the different angles, the shot that goes from his glassed to the colored pencils.

    Love the title.

    Love it!

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