Growing into adulthood can be confusing. It’s easy to feel like giving up & giving in — but is that what we’re called to do?

35 Musings is a collection of essays and stories written by two young adults. They present glimpses into their own experiences, questions to ponder, and ideas to mull over.

Topics include: Wisdom, Music, Patience in Life, Truth, Priorities, Dating & Courtship, Modern Culture, Navigating Life

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Simply-Enigma_Cover_webThe elderly man stepped inside. He walked with a cane—which almost never touched the floor—and wore jeans with a button-down short sleeve shirt. A charcoal-black ivy hat topped his greying hair.

He sat down on the barstool next to the register, hung his cane on the counter, and set down his hat. Ryan walked over. He pushed a glass across the counter towards the newcomer.

“I think this is for you.”

The man peered down into the bubbling root beer, inspecting it. He ran a finger up the side of the glass. There was a lot of condensation.


Though certainly not a hermit, if there ever could be one in the urban expanse that is New York City, then Mr. Jim would have been it. When a new waiter is hired on at the diner he frequents, the status quo changes a bit — especially when he realizes that this teenager is a connection to an old friend from the past.

What happens from there, no one would have guessed.

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MMCD12_webMy Mom Chose Death

Human life is precious beyond measure — because every single person is created in the image of God.

When Seth Terrell has the idea to bring his mother, Ruby, home from a nursing home to live with his family, he knows it won’tbe the easiest thing in the world. An extra person in the house means one less room available for their bed-and-breakfast.

But before he can make his move, one weekend puts a twist on things. A bed-and-breakfast guest recognizes Seth’s name, leading to a strange response and an abrupt departure early the next morning… Without so much as a word of explanation.

Why has Seth’s name triggered such a reaction from Dr. Foster, the guest? And further, why does Ruby recognize the doctor’s name?

The truth remains to be told…

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